Hearing Screening for School Kids

Identifies those who are most likely to have auditory disorders that may interfere with their education, health, development and communication

Hearing plays a crucial role in learning – at school, at home and at daycare. If a hearing loss goes unnoticed, delays in the child’s overall development can occur. A common cause of hearing loss in children is ear infection. When the impairment is mild, there may be no obvious signs of hearing impairment. However, he/she may present some of the following problems due to a temporary hearing impairment:

  • Short attention span
  • Behavior problems
  • Tendency to lip-read
  • Speech and language problems
  • Misunderstand instructions
  • Hypersensitivity to loud noises

AlphaHearing believes it is vital to ensure all school-age children have adequate hearing for speech and social development, and the earlier a hearing or speech problem is detected, the more likely they are to lead a positive and happy school life.

We run Children Hearing Screening Day at school premises every year, contact us for more details.