Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • delayed speech development in young children
  • poor or unintelligible speech in young children
  • deteriorating speech
  • poor speech discrimination ability
  • turning volume of TV up excessively high
  • inappropriate use of loud voice
  • lack of response when called from a distance
  • lack of response when there is background noise around
  • Often ask people to repeat what they have said
  • intent observation of faces during conversation
  • lack of concentration and short attention span
  • frequent fatigue and complaints of headaches

Hearing loss may cause inconvenience if it is slight but real impediment on lifestyle will exist if the loss gets to a moderate degree. A hearing loss may occur at any age, range in degree from mild to profound, be of sudden or gradual onset and may affect ability to hear sounds of different frequency range. Whatever its dimensions, a hearing loss can be debilitating: it may lead to social isolation, speech and language delay, behavioral problem, education and employment problems.